For all your on and off road bike needs!
For all your on and off road bike needs!

New Revvi Twelve" Electric Balance Bikes £299 including delivery

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Age guideline  2-6  years old:

-2 year old riders should ride without power,
-3-4 year old rider should ride without power or using slow speed setting
-5-6 year old riders can use the fast speed setting. 
Please note the riders age is always at the parent or guardian's discretion!.


Key Features

-Large rubber air filled hybrid tyres suitable for on and off road use.

-Two speed settings: Slow speed - Approx. 5mph

                                 Fast speed - Approx. 10mph
Please note speeds stated may vary depending on riding conditions and rider weight.


-Battery range of up to 1 hour of constant use.
Please note battery range will vary depending on the speed setting, rider weight and riding conditions.


-Charge time: 1 - 2 hours.

-Twist and go throttle with battery level display.

-Chain driven.

-Specially designed brake lever for kids with rear drum brake.


-Lightweight aluminium frame.

-Aluminium handlebars.

-Aluminium foot pegs with plastic cover for grip.

-Revvi graphics!


-External charge port for easy charging without battery removal.

-Lightweight composite 12" wheels.

-Specially designed rear wheel with free wheels system, this allows the bike to be used as a conventional balance bike without the power.



Orange, Black, Blue, Green and Pink



 Bikes can be shipped direct to your door or to us for collection. 

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