For all your on and off road motorcycle needs!
For all your on and off road motorcycle needs!


Custom Built race Engines

We also build our own race engines; for a complete race engine kit from £1100.

Please contact us for more details.










Tokawa 2V and 4V engines

Prices: 2V engine £500 

Postage UPS Next Day £11 per engine

Orders now being taken, limited stocks available.  PE28mm carbs for your 4valve engine also available to order £160


2 Valve specification

18.5HP; Bore x stroke 60 x 57mm; 4 speed gearbox type N1234, new 2nd gear closer to 3rd.

Includes Kick start, intake pipe, gear shift and electric parts.


4 Valve specification

23HP; 2 ring piston; Bore x stoke 62 x 53mm; Manual clutch 5 discs with rubbers, push and inner basket reinforced. Gearbox 4 speed N1234. New ratio: the 2nd gear closer to 3rd.  Includes Intake pipe, kick lever, ignition harness and CDI.


140cc 2V specification

Tokawa 140cm3

Bore stroke 56x56.3mm
Power ISO 15.5hp 10% more than the YX engine
Clutch on the mainshaft which allows to start on any gear.
Gearbox N1234 with new ratio 2nd closers 3nd
Head able to connect an oil radiator on the right side
Clutch with inner basket, push and rubber reinforced & electric parts.
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