For all your on and off road motorcycle needs!
For all your on and off road motorcycle needs!

Wired Pit bike £399

The new electric 500w pit bike

Minimum rider weight 20kg 

Maximum rider weight 55kg

Seat height: 57cm (same seat height as the Mini Pit)

Comes in 2 different designs; splatter or ride to party


Stomp finally goes electric with a 500 watt rare earth motor mini dirt bike.

With 1 hour of zipping about on a single charge and 3-key-lock speed limit settings, there’s no doubt of the fun to be had on these mini dirt bikes.

Telescopic forks, monoshock, durable polypropylene plastics and disk brakes, the Wired has everything your child will need to get to grips with riding a proper electric powered motorbike!! The control’s  a simple, twist and go throttle, pull both brakes (bar mounted) to stop. Max rider weight 55 kg, min weight 20kg. Children must be supervised closely at ALL times.

Lasting approximately 35 minutes of aggressive riding on a charge, there is plenty of power from the 36v Lithium battery for a solid session at the track. Alternatively, simply riding around a field or a gentle ride at home in the garden will yield longer usage from the powerful lithium battery.

Remember the Wired is virtually silent, so you won't be annoying your neighbours!

There are 3 settings to control the power output, so even the most timid rider can get to grips with riding a powered machine. Starting at 5 mph, 10mph and finally 17 mph (rider weight and surface dependent) - trust us when we say this is plenty fast enough!  Don't worry parents you can remove the key and lock the desired top speed!

How does it ride? The power delivery is fluid, stable with no jerky responses to throttle input. Thanks to the mx style suspension the ride is smooth, and the bike is very capable off road considering its small size. The cable operated disk brakes are firm, progressive and easy to reach for small hands.

Because it's electric it's easy to put in the car without the risk of spilling fuel or oil and so there’s no fuel smells!


  • Engine: 500W 36V rare earth magnet DC motor
  • Battery: 36V 8Ah Lithium battery
  • Range: 35 mins to 60mins depending on speed 
  • Transmission: Electronic controller
  • Final Drive: Chain drive, front 25H11T and rear 80T
  • Wheel and tyres: Wire spoke style, heavy duty alloy rim with 2.5-10" tyre
  • Max speed 17mph; middle speed 10mph; Low speed 5 mph
  • Dry weight 30Kg
  • Dimensions: L 1210mm; W 570mm; H 780mm
  • Seat height: 57cm
  • Removable battery box
  • Full chain cover

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